How to Wipe Partition and Erase Data Completely?

March 11, 2022

Wiping partition can erase all data completely and prevent them from being recovered by any data recovery solution. Here is a stepwise guide on how to wipe a partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Why need to wipe partition?

Any disk partition can contain any kind of sensitive or vital data such as bank account details and other private information. So, it is a wise move to wipe partition regularly. Besides erasing the private and sensitive info, there are some other reasons for which you might need to wipe a partition completely:

  • Remove the data that you don’t need any longer;

  • Free up more disk space on the whole hard drive and get rid of the marked unused storage;

  • Restore the full capacity and repartition the hard disk;

  • Eliminate some stubborn malware or viruses.

What is the difference between formatting and wiping a partition?
Formatting partition just wipes its partition table clean and unlinks all files in the file system, making it entirely as writable space. The inside files are marked as “deleted” and actually still exist on the drive. You can add new files to overwrite those files. Besides, file recovery programs can find the deleted file and recover them from the formatted partition.
Wiping partition is working directly on the file system level, beyond data secure. It aims to make a new disk for re-use with no old data on it. All data will be removed from the partition completely, leaving no chance of data recovery.

How to wipe partition step by step?

To wipe a partition, you can use the AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, which provides 4 different methods of wiping algorithms to help erase all the data on a partition safely and permanently. Below are detailed steps you can refer to.

Before you do:

  • Backup useful data that you don’t want to wipe from the partition you are going to erase.

  • One partition will become an unallocated space as soon as it has been wiped. Then, you can use this unallocated space to create a new partition.

  • You can download the Demo version for a free trial first of all.

Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Select a partition that you want to wipe; right-click on it and choose "Wipe Partition" option.

Wipe Partition

Step 2. In the pop-up window, choose a wiping method according to your requirements. Click "OK" to continue.

Wipe Method

1. Fill sectors with Zero: wipe the partition contents by overwriting them with zeros.
2. Fill sectors with random data: wipe the partition and overwrite existing contents with random data.
3. DoD 5220.22-M: Overwrite all addressable locations with binary zeroes firstly; secondly with binary ones; thirdly with a random bit pattern.
4. Gutmann: Overwrite the partition with a random character for the first 4 and the last 4 passes and overwrite from pass 5 through pass 31 with a complex pattern.

Step 3. Click "Apply" in the toolbar to execute the operation.



  • AOMEI Partition Assistant is not a file-level wipe software but a sector-level one. So, you can only use AOMEI Partition Assistant to wipe partition or disk. After a partition/disk has been wiped, all the files on it will be erased simultaneously. If you do need to wipe a specific file, please download a file-level wipe software instead.

  • If you want to erase data on an SSD, you’d better not take the same way as wiping HDD. SSD Secure Erase feature in AOMEI Partition Assistant should be the best way to do that.