How to Split Partitions with AOMEI Partition Assistant?

March 11, 2022

How to split partition? Splitting partition could help you divide one partition into two partitions. With help of this function, you could quick partition your hard drive and make more partitions you want.

Why do you need to split partition?

When you buy a new computer, usually, there is only one partition (namely C drive) on the hard disk. The Windows and some Microsoft applications are all on it. After a period of time of using, not few personal data are added into the partition. Therefore, system, applications and private data are all on one partition. It is difficult to manage all kinds of matters in one partition. Besides, there is something much more serious. Since all the things are on one partition, if the partition is attacked by hijack or virus, all the data will lose. For the system and applications, you can get them back by reinstall them. To reinstall the system, you must have the original installation CD and you may have to get product license from the manufacturer. However, for the personal data, they are not so lucky and are destined to miss forever. Nevertheless, had you have more than one partition and have the partitions stored different categories of data, you will not encounter the situation mentioned above. To have more partitions, the easiest way is to split the only partition.

About splitting partition

Splitting partition is to turn one partition into two in one time. By taking the action several times, you can have a few partitions on one hard disk. It is very convenient if you need more partitions to store various kinds of data, such as family photos, software applications or personal business files etc. With the help of this function, you can split one big partition into two or more smaller ones. Without this service, if you want a new partition on your hard disk, there are only two ways you can choose from. For one of the two methods, you need to shrink a partition to get some unallocated space first, and then create a new partition with the unallocated space. As for the other way, you have to delete an old partition to produce unallocated space to make new one. Usually, there are data on the old partition, so you should transfer the data or make a backup of them before deletion. Both of the two ways are troublesome! However, if you have AOMEI Partition Assistant which can help you to split your partition, you do not have to bother yourself with the tiresome work and also, you can have more than one new partition without sacrifice your old partitions.
Before you do
You can only split the unused space of a partition to create a new partition. If a partition is totally used up, the partition will be unable to be split.
This operation may change the original location for your data, so we suggest you to learn the tutorial “How to Safely Partition” before executing this operation.
To split partitions
Step 1. Launch Partition Assistant. Right-click the partition which you want to split, select "Split Partitions". (Take C partition as an example)

C Drive Split

Step 2. Drag the double headed arrow leftwards or rightwards to determine the size of the original partition and new partition. Or you can directly type in the number of the size you want to give to your new/original partition, and click "OK" to continue.

Resize New Partition

Tips: You can tick “Allow partition alignment to optimize the performance of SSD” if the partitions are on an SSD drive.
Step 3. Now you can see the change has been represented in the main window. Click "Apply" to confirm the change.

Apply Split C Drive

The splitting process will take some time, so allow your computer to finish this task before using it for anything else.
When there are four primary partitions on an MBR disk, if you want to split one of them, the partition that is being split will be converted to logical partition automatically.
If one disk has four primary partitions, the program would not allow you to split the system partition or boot partition, unless you could convert one of other partitions from primary to logical partition, and then the program will allow you to split system partition. The new generated partition will be automatically set as logical partition.
Besides splitting partition, you can also get new partition by creating partition with an unallocated space. If there is no unallocated space on your hard disk, you have to get some either by shrinking a partition or deleting one.