By Michael / Last Updated March 15, 2022

For different disk or partition configuration, there are different situation during using “Extend Wizard” of Partition Assistant (PA) to extend partition. Some time, you may find some error code or description that keep from continuing operation. This article will list the common error description and solution during using PA to extend partition.

Error 1: Lock Partition Failed

Error Description:

Error 2: Issue during extend partition with wizard

Error description:

“There is an issue during extend the partition with the wizard; you could try to extend the partition in Partition Assistant Main Console.”

Error 3: Extend FAT32 Partition Failed

Error description:

Can't Extend Fat32

Error 4: Extend partition failed because of there’s no free space

Error Description:

Error 5: Can’t deal with bit locker partition

Error Description:

Error 6: Can’t Extend GPT Hard Disk

Error Description:

Error 7: System Detect the paging file

Error Description:

When you face these problems, resize the partition on the PA main console could solve some of the problems.

  1. Back to the PA main console, right-click the partition that you want to release free space (here we select partition F: as an example), select “Resize”, in the pop-up window drag right handle of the partition leftwards to release the free space. Then click “OK”.

    Shrink Partition

    After that you will find an unallocated space behind the partition F.

    Unallocated Space Behind Partition

  2. Right-click system partition(C:), select “Merge Partitions”, in the pop-up window tick the “C: partition” and the “unallocated space”. Click “OK”.

    Merge Partitions

    Then back to the PA main console, click “Apply” on the tool bar to commit the operation.

    Note: if the target partition is FAT32 or could not be locked in “EPW” or it contains the paging file, the program would ask for rebooting and the operation will be completed under the Restart Mode when you click “OK”.

    Restart Mode