Install and Uninstall

May 10, 2021

Here is method of how to install and uninstall AOMEI Partition Assistant.


Run AOMEI Partition Assistant setup program PAssist_Setup.exe.

When the popup window appears, select "Next" and follow the wizard installation instructions.

After the installation process has completed, a prompt may appear to restart the computer to complete the installation.


Partition Assistant can be uninstalled using one of following two methods in Windows.

  1. Go to the Start Menu -> AOMEI Partition Assistant -> Uninstall AOMEI Partition Assistant


  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel -> Uninstall a program, right-click AOMEI Partition Assistant and uninstall it.

To completely uninstall the program, a prompt may appear requesting the computer be restarted, which can be deferred until a later time.