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I attended a one hour training on generating mortgage related internet leads via earlier this month. I have used Craigslist to sell some of my unneeded furniture, kids bicycles, used appliances, etc. before and have always been impressed with the website and how easy it was to find interested customers for whatever I was selling.

I tried marketing some of my mortgage related information products on Craigslist over the years but had very little results and was only able to place one or two ads at a time due to Craigslist limitations.

Not too long ago, I listened in on a one hour presentation about how this lender in Michigan is placing multiple craigslist ads for persons looking to rent homes in Michigan - instead he is offering a special government program for remote areas where people can get into their own home for $500 down. His Craigslist ad then links the reader to a webpage where a video plays of the owner of the mortgage company where he asks the reader to download a free E-book. The lender then sets up a drip email campaign where he reminds the person to consider his loan product for homes in the consumer's area.

This Michigan Lender is getting like 50 leads a day - for free - from this method. Chip Cummings was the trainer on my call and he has a home study course on this for less than $200 that shows you how to do each step and includes videos to walk you through each of the technical steps so really anyone can implement this marketing method. 

He also explains how to avoid the one to two max ads issue at Craigslist through a rather ingenious methodology that is quite easy to implement.
I was really impressed and have just gotten started with a few ads of my own to generate traffic for loan modification persons like yourself ...
Let me know if you have questions ... I would love to hear how it goes for you if you pursue it ...

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